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Managing Documents in Titan Workspace

Titan Workspace helps companies to quickly rollout document management features of Office365 by extending its power to all users. It leverages the power of SharePoint and simplify user experience.

Most of the Office365 and SharePoint users find it very difficult to work with out-of-the-box screens and that is one of the main reason for low user adoption when it comes to Document Management for Office365 users.

Titan Workspace’s document management system within Teams provides a unified view for all your document repositories and workplaces. This makes it easy for a user to manage their documents as compared to Office365 out-of-the-box experience. Titan Workspace offers greater flexibility and better usability while working with your documents.

Managing DMS

Features offered by Document Management System

  • My document - Your private documents those can be synched with your One Drive or My Documents in your local machine.
  • Department documents - Every department gets its own secure document repository that is accessible to users of that department only. You can even setup limited access rights for selected departmental users.
  • Shared with me - No more searching of documents within outlook.
  • Project documents - Consolidated view of Project wise document within your DMS.
  • Teams Channel documents - Consolidated view of your Teams channel files within your DMS.
  • Sharing - One click sharing and revoking of document rights
  • Versioning - Version control with previous version history
  • Search - Document search using metadata or content.
  • Sharing groups - Create your own groups and share documents.
  • Co-Authoring - Multiple team members can work on the same document at the same time.
  • Document permissions - Document level permissions can be assigned as read only or edit and can be revoked with single click.
  • Drag and Drop - Easy upload of documents or an option to create new.

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